Pioneer Central Schools


A Layman's Guide to

Educational Acronyms, Initials and Terms

21st CCLC: 21st Century Community Learning Centers

504 Plan: Section 504 Accommodation Plan

3020A: Teacher Tenure Hearing

AAHPERD: American Alliance for Health, Phys Ed, Recreation and Dance

ACBM: Asbestos Containing Building Material

ACT :American College Testing Assessment Program

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA: Average Daily Attendance

ADAAA Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008

ADD Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

AECT Association for Educational Communications and Technology

AED Automated External Defibrillator

AHERA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act

AHSEP Alternative High School Equivalency Preparation Program

AIDP Attendance Improvement/Dropout Prevention

AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIS Academic Intervention Services

AITC Agriculture in the Classroom Program

ALS Advanced Life Support

AMO Annual Measurable Objectives

AOE Approved Operating Expense (for state aid purposes)

AP Advanced Placement Program

APE Adaptive Physical Education

APPR Annual Professional Performance Review

APQI Autism Program Quality Indicators

APR Annual Performance Report

ASCA American School counselor Association

ASD Autism Spectrum Disorders

ASHA American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

ASL American Sign Language

AT Assistive Technology

ATV All terrain vehicle

AUP Acceptable Use Policy

AVI Annual Visual Inspection

BAN Bond Anticipation Note

BAU Building Aid Units

BCS Building Condition Survey

BEDS Basic Educational Data System

BETAC Bilingual ESL Technical Assistance Center

BIP Behavioral Intervention Plan

BMI Body Mass Index

BOCES Board of Cooperative Educational Services

BOE Board of Education

C4E Contract for Excellence

CAD Computer-aided Drafting for design

CALLA Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach

CAP Ceiling on Aid

CAPTA Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act

CARD Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

CBT Computer-Based Testing

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDEP Comprehensive District Education Plan

CDL Commercial Driver's License

CDOS NYS Career Development and Occupational Studies

CE Calculator Expense

CEIS Coordinated Early Intervening Services

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

CGI Cognitively Guided Instruction

CHAPS Comprehensive Health and Pupil Services Team

CHPS Collaborative for High Performance Schools

CI&IT Curriculum Instruction and Instructional Technology

CIN Client Identification Number

CIO/OFT NYS Chief Information Officer/Office for Technology

CIPA Children's Internet Protection Act

CIR Comprehensive Information Report – nonpublic schools

CIS NYS Curriculum and Instructional Support

CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

CMV Commercial Motor Vehicle

CNKC Child Nutrition Knowledge Center

COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

COPs Certificates of Participation

CPB NY Consumer Protection Board

CPI Consumer Price Index

CPR Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

CPS NYS Child Protective Services

CPSE Committee on Preschool Special Education

CREATE Computer Recycling for Education and Technology Enhancement Act

CRP/ICF Children's Residential Project-Intermediate Care Facility

CSC Computer Sciences Corporation

CSCIC NY State Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination

CSD Central School District

CSE Committee on Special Education

CSEA Civil Service Employees Association

CSHN Coordinated School Health Network

CSIP Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

CSO Chief School Officer

CSR Class Size Reduction

CT Consultant Teacher

CTE Career and Technical Education

CTEDS Career and Technical Education Data System

CTT Collaborative Team Teaching

DARE Drug Abuse Resistance Education

DCJS NY Division of Criminal Justice

DCMA Digital Millennium Copyright Act

DCS District's Computer System

DDSO NY Developmental Disabilities Service Office

DEC NY Department of Environmental Conservation

DEO Designated Educational Official –for court reports

DI Differentiated Instruction

DIRI Documentation of Integration of Required Instruction

DMV NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

DOB NYS Department of Budget

DOE US Department of Education

DOH NYS Department of Health

DS District Superintendent

DSR District Safety Review

DSS Department of Social Services

DTC Depository Trust Company (limited purpose trust under NY Banking Law)

EAP Employee Assistance Program

EBALR Employee Benefit Accrued Liability Reserve

ECP Emergency Care Plan

ED U.S. Department of Education

ED-1 Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for School Districts

EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EI Early Intervention

EIA Elementary and Intermediate Assessment

ELA English Language Arts

ELL English Language Learner

ELPPS Electronic Liberty Partnership Program System

eMedNY Electronic Medicaid System in New York

EMR Educable Mentally Retarded

EMS Emergency Medical System/Services

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

EPE Employment Preparation Education

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act

ERS Employees Retirement System

ERSS Educationally Related Support Services

ESD/SVP Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention

ESEA Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965

ESL English as a Second Language

ESY Extended School Year

ETS Educational Testing Service

EXCEL Expanding our Children's Education and Learning

EXP Experimental Program

FAPE Free Appropriate Public Education

FAS Final Average Salary

FBA Functional Behavioral Assessment

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

FCA NYS Family Court Act

FCC Federal Communications Commission

FCR Final Cost Reports

FDA US Food and Drug Administration

FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FERPA Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974

FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act

FOIL Freedom of Information Law

FTC Federal Trade Commission

FTE Full Time Equivalent

FTP File Transfer Protocol

GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAGAS Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards

GASB Governmental Accounting Standards Board

GED General Education Development Test

GEPA General Education Provisions Act

GESST Grade Eight Social Studies Test

GEST Grade Eight Science Test

GFSST Grade Five Social Studies Test

GFST Grade Four Science Test

GINA Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

GIS Geographic Information System

HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

HCI Health Care Integrator

HCIA Health Care Integration Agency

HCFA Federal Health Care Finance Administration now CMS

HE NYS Office of Higher Education

HECAT Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool

HIPAA US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HOUSSE High Objective Uniform State Standard of Evaluation

HPEFCS Health, Physical Education, Family and Consumer Sciences

HPN Health Provider Network

HPV Human Papilloma Virus

HRL NYS Human Rights Law

HSE High School Equivalency Diploma

HSEP High School Equivalency Preparation Program

HSGR High School Graduation Report

IAES Interim Alternative Educational Setting

IAQ Indoor Air Quality

IBC International Building Code

ICF/DD Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled

ICS Incident Command System

IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IEE Independent Educational Evaluations

IEP Individualized Education Plan

IHCP Individual Health Care Plan

IHIP Individualized Home Instruction Plan

IHO Impartial Hearing Officer

IHP Individualized Healthcare Plan

IHRS NYS Impartial Hearing Reporting System (public schools only)

IMF Institution Master File (BEDS/VADIR)

INTASC Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium

IQ Intelligence Quotient

IRS Internal Revenue Service

IST Instructional Support Teams

LAB-R Language Assessment Battery-Revised

LAP Local Assistance Plan

LAT Local Action Team

LD Learning Disabled

LDSS Local Department of Social Services

LEA Local (Leading) Educational Agency

LEADS Linking Employment, Academics and Disability Services

LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (Green Building Rating System)

LEP Limited English Proficiency

LOTE Language Other Than English

LPN Licensed Practical Nurse

LRE Least Restrictive Environment

LSN Lifelong Services Network

LUST Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

MAT Miller Analogies Test

MDR Manifestation Determination Review

MDS Medicaid Data System

MDT Multidisciplinary Team (Section 504)

MH Multiple Handicapped

MI Master Instructor (bus drivers)

MMIS Medicaid Management Information System

MPS NY Manual of Planning Standards for Educational Facilities

MR Mentally Retarded

MSA Mandated Services Aid (non-public schools only)

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet

MST Math, Science, Technology

MTP Model Transition Program (VESID)

NAC Network Access Control

NAEP National Assessment of Educational Progress

NAESP National Association of Elementary School Principals

NAME National Alliance for Medicaid-in-Education

NASSP National Association of Secondary School Principals

NBPTS National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

NCLB No Child Left Behind Act

NCSS National Council for Social Studies

NIMAC National Instructional Materials Access Center

NIMAS National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard

NIMS National Incident Management System

NLA Native Language Arts

NLW National Language Writing Test

NMSA National Middle School Association

NOCTI National Occupational Competency Testing Institute

NPI National Provider Identifier for CMS

NSMP Nutrient Standard Menu Planner

NTE National Teaching Examination

NYACCE New York Association for Continuing/Community Education

NY-CHPS NY Collaborative for High Performance Schools

NYCRR New York Code of Rules and Regulations

NYSAA New York State Alternate Assessment

NYSAN NYS After School Network

NYSASBO NYS Association of School Business Officials

NYSCLSA NYS Council on Leadership and Student Activities

NYSCOSS NYS Council of School Superintendents

NYSCSS NYS Center for School Safety

NYSED NYS Education Department

NYSERDA NYS Energy Research and Development Agency

NYSERS NYS Employees Retirement System

NYSESLAT NYS English as a Second Language Achievement Test

NYSIIS NYS Immunization Information System

NYSPHSAA NYS Public High School Athletic Association

NYSSAC NYS School Administrators Consortium

NYSSHSC NY Statewide School Health Services Center

NYSSSA NYS Summer School for the Arts

nySTART New York State Testing and Accountability Reporting Tool

NYSTCE NYS Teacher Certification Exam

NYSTRS NYS Teachers Retirement System

NYSUT New York United Teachers

OCFS NYS Office of Children and Family Services

OCR US Office for Civil Rights

OFT NYS Office for Teaching

OFT NYS Office for Technology

OGS NYS Office of General Services

OHE NYS Office of Higher Education

OHI Other Health Impaired

OMIG NYS Office of the Medicaid Inspector General

OML Open Meetings Law

OMS NYS Office of Management Services

ORIS NTS Office of Research and Information Systems

OSA Examination Request System

OSAS NYS Dept. of Health Online School Assessment Survey

OSC NY Office of State Comptroller

OSEP US Office of Special Education Programs

OSERS US Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

OSHA US Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSPRA NYS Office of School Personal Review and Accountability

OT Occupational Therapy

OTA Occupational Therapy Assistant

OTC Over the counter drugs

OTDA NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance

OTI NYS Office of Teaching Initiatives

OWPCE NYS Office of Workforce Presentation and Continuing Education

P-16 SED Pre-K through college initiative

PAD Public Access Defibrillation

PAR Program Assessment and Review

PAR Pupil Attendance Report

PART 100 State Regulations – mandates for education programs

PART 200 State Regulations – mandates for students with disabilities

PBIS Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

PCP Phencyclidine

PD Professional Development

PDD-NOS Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

PDP Professional Development Plan

PDS Professional Development Seminars (bus drivers)

PERB Public Employment Relations Board

PESH NY Public Employee Safety and Health Program

PHI Protected Health Information (see HIPAA)

PII Chancellor's Policy Integration and Innovation Committee

PILOT Payments in Lieu of Taxes

PINS Persons In Need of Supervision

PIRP Point Insurance Reduction Program

PL Public Law

PNN Pesticide Neighbor Notification

POS Point of Sale (Food Service Program)

PPRA Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment

PPS Pupil Personnel Services

PPU Period of probable usefulness

PRN “pro re nata” = dispense medication as needed

PSAT Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test

PSEN Pupils with Special Education Needs

PSHSP Preschool Supportive Health Services Program

PT Physical Therapy

PTA Physical Therapy Assistant

PTA Parent Teacher Association

PTO Parent Teacher Organization

PTSA Parent-Teacher-Student Association

QIP Quality Improvement Process

QZAB Qualified Zone Academy Bonds

RCT Regents Competency Test

RCTP Regents Competency Testing Program

RE Regents Examinations

REAP Rural Education Achievement Program

RESCUE Rebuilding Schools to Uphold Education

RFP Request for Proposal

RHS Registration of High School

RIC Regional Information Center

RLIS NYS Rural and Low Income School Program

RM Records Management

RMO Records Management Officer

RN Registered Nurse

RSSC Regional School Support Center

RSU Rate Setting Unit

RT Recreation Therapist

RtI Response to Intervention

RtI-TAC Technical Assistance Center on RtI

RWADA Resident Weighted Average Daily Attendance used in computing state aid

SA State Aid

SAANYS School Administrator's Association of New York State

SAE Scholarship for Academic Excellence

SAMS State Aid Management System (public schools only)

SAP Substance Abuse Professional

SAR NYS Standards, Assessments and Reporting

SARA NY State Archives and Records Administration

SASS NYS System of Accountability for Student Success

SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test

SAVE Project SAVE – Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act

SBDI School Bus Driver Instructor

SBL School Building Leader

SBSIOBSAAT School Bus Safety is One Bus Stop at a Time

SCANS Secretaries Commission of Achieving Necessary Skills - federal

SCDN Staff and Curriculum Development Network

SCHIP State Children's Health Insurance Program

SCR State Central Register (child abuse)

SDC Adult Education Staff Development Consortia

SDM Shared Decision-Making

SDPEP School District Physical Education Plan

SEA State Educational Agency

SED State Education Department

SEDCAR Strategic Evaluation Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Unit of VESID

SEDDAS SED Delegated Account System

SEDL Social and Emotional Development and Learning Survey

SEDREF SED Reference File

SEIT Special Education Itinerant Teacher

SEQRA State Environmental Quality Review Act

SETRC Special Education Training Resource Center

SEVIS Student and Exchange Visitor Information System

SHIFT Statewide Infrastructure for School Health

SHPO State Historic Preservation Office

SI Speech Impaired

SICS NYS School Improvement and Community Services

SIFE Students with Interrupted Formal Education

SIOP Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (ELL/LEP)

SIRS NYS Student Information Repository System

SIT School Improvement Team

SLATE Student Lending, Accountability, Transparency and Enforcement Act

SLP Speech Language Pathologist

SMI School Meals Initiative

SNA School Nutrition Association

SOMS NYS School Operations and Management Services

SOP Standard Operating Procedure

SORA Sex Offender Registration Act

SOSHA State Occupational Safety Health Administration

SPE Speech

SPP State Performance Plan

SQR School Quality Review

SRO School Resource Officer (see SSO)

SRO State Review Officer

SRP Statewide Reference Point

SRSA Small Rural School Achievement Grant

SRT Speech Reception Threshold

SS Social Studies

SSE Safety-sensitive employee

SSHSP School Supportive Health Services Program

SSI Supplemental Security Income

SSIP State School Immunization Program (only NYC, Rochester and Buffalo)

SSL NYS Social Services Law

SSO School Safety Officer (see SRO)

STAC NYS System to Track and Account for Children

STAR School Tax Relief Program

STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Partnership

STEP Science and Technology Entry Program

SUNY State University of New York

SURR Schools Under Registration Review

TAPU Total Aidable Pupil Units; used in computing state aid

TBI Traumatic Brain Injury

TCM Targeted Case Management

TEACH Teacher Education and Certification Help

TMR Trainable Mentally Retarded; student with an I.Q. between 35 and 50

TPHI Third Party Health Insurance

TPQI Teacher/Principal Quality Initiative

TSA US Transportation Security Administration

TSHH Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicapped

TSS Test Storage Sites

TWPU Total Wealth Pupil Units; used in computing state aid

UbD Understanding by Design

UCS Unified Contract Service (VESID)

UDO Under the direction of a SLP

UFSD Union Free School District

USC United States Code

USDA United States Department of Agriculture

USDOE United States Department of Education

USERRA US Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

UVIRS Uniform Violent Incident Reporting System (now VADIR)

VADIR Violent and Disruptive Incident Report (formerly UVIRS)

VESID NY Office of Vocational & Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities

VI Visually Impaired

VLS Virtual Learning System

WADA Weighted Average Daily Attendance

WIC Women, Infants and Children (part of USDA Food and Nutrition Service)

WSC Weight Status Category

WSP Waiver Service Provider

WWIS What Works in Schools

YRBS Youth Risk Behavior Survey

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