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    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at Pioneer!
    Our plan is to make this year as productive as possible.
    At the bottom are the bus schedules that First Student will follow to ensure that students arrive to school safely and in a timely fashion.
    Please take note of the following bussing procedures:
    • If your child needs to ride to an alternate location during the school week, he or she must have a written note. The note needs to be sent to school, then a pass will be issued through the school. This will help eliminate the confusion that multiple drop-off locations causes. The driver will also need to see a responsible person before your child is released off the bus (elementary only). Students will not be released from the bus unless an adult is present. There will be no exceptions. In the unlikely event that an adult is not present, the student will be returned to school and someone will have to pick them up there. All arrangements must be in writing to the school. Arrangements should not be made between the bus driver and the student and/or parent.
    • Your child must be outside five minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. The driver will not be able to wait if the students are not ready & the driver will not be able to turn the bus around. This will guarantee that everyone will arrive at school at the scheduled time. 
    • Lastly, please note that there have been routing changes. Be sure to locate the roads that pertain to your child.