Welcome to the Pioneer Central School District Building and Grounds website.
Another year has started.  I would like to welcome everyone back to school.  Hopefully everyone had a great summer and are ready to get back to another successful year, it seems good to hear the students back in the hallways; it doesn't take long for things to get back to normal.  Activities have started prior to the first day of school.  School sports teams have been practicing for weeks, games have even started for most teams.  Community little league football teams are under way, all these sports activities keep our maintenance and grounds crews busy keeping game fields and practice fields, painted, mowed, cleaned up and ready for the next day.
  If you toured our buildings during student orientation, you can see that our maintenance and cleaning staff have been busy this summer, walls have been painted, furniture has been cleaned, carpets cleaned and floors really shine.
   Over the summer we have seen the retirement of Mr. Frank Wesley at the Delevan Elementary building.  Frank has done a great job for us for many years, we wish him BEST WISHES on his retirement  Greg Lavery, long time Delevan Custodian has been promoted to the Head Custodian position.  Brandon Stearns is new to our Pioneer staff, he has taken over the vacancy created by Mr. Lavery's promotion.  We have also seen two retirements in the cleaning staff at the Arcade Elementary building, Sandy Davidson & Vicki Barr, we wish them best of luck as well.  Their replacements are Melanie Boberg & Donna Clinch.
   Our district is comprised of four student occupied school buildings; Pioneer High School, Pioneer Middle School School, Arcade Elementary and Delevan Elementary and a few other garages, storage or sports related smaller buildings.  Each school building has it's own Head Custodian.  The Head Custodian has supervision over their own building's operations and maintenance programs  The High School and Middle School for years have had an outside cleaning contractor.  We also have a Grounds Department, which takes care of much of the district snow plowing, mowing and sports field needs.  The district Building and Grounds staff takes great pride in keeping our facilities in excellent condition. 
   Once again the Pioneer district is in the process of proposing another Capital Project to our community.  We are still working with the Board of Education, district administrators, staff, architects and engineers as well as the NYS Department of Education to formalize our final plan.   Pioneer has been been fortunate in previous years to take advantage of state funded capital improvement projects.  These projects are very cost effective for our district, due to our high ratio of state aid payback.
   The Buildings and Grounds Department continue to strive to give our students, staff and administration the support to allow everyone to work and learn in a safe and healthy environment.
   If you have the opportunity to enter our buildings or tour our facility sites, I think you will see, and agree, our district does not take a back seat to anyone.  Our buildings are constantly being utilized by out of district groups, local community groups, many student activities, as well as many regional sports activities; our facilities are truly the "hub of the community".  Continuing forward, learning to function more effectively, while keeping costs down has always been a challange.  Preventive maintenance programs have been established, cost effective purchasing and advance planning are becoming more important than ever.   Our staff understands these challenges and continues to make Pioneer a leader in education.
Director of Buildings and Grounds:  Lon Owens
                                                Pioneer High School
                                                12145 County Line Road
                                                Yorkshire, NY 14173
                                                Phone: (716) 492-9414
                                                e:mail:  lowens@pioneercsd.org
Last Modified on September 6, 2012