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    Pioneer Middle School

    Web Resources

    Pioneer Schools provide a variety of online tools for its students, faculty and staff.

    Please note that many of the tools listed are proprietary in nature and are password protected.

    Links to those applications are located here.

    adobeAdobe Connect

    AIMSweb is a benchmark and progress monitoring system based on direct,frequent and continuous student assessment. The results are reported tostudents, parents, teachers and administrators via a web-based datamanagement and reporting system to determine response to intervention.

    This is a collaborative meeting space for members of the building technology teams. Participants can share documents, post discussion questions, share media files and web links. This site also contains a District page for all members to share and specific building collaboration pages. User name and password are required for access. Contact Rob Morgan if you are having problems with log ins.
    United Video Streaming, Power Media Plus, Teaching Books, Thompson Gale and BrainPop access from Cat/Ally Boces 
    United Video Streaming, Power Media Plus, Teaching Books, Thompson Gale and BrainPop access from Cat/Ally Boces
    This advanced online career information delivery system helps students build powerful plans as they compare, connect and choose from a vast network of work and education options.
    iePLEASE USE WITH INTERNET EXPLORER  - Web Based Special Education Management System as well as an Academic Intervention System which allows teachers to maintain student progress. AIS Edge allows teachers and staff to track AIS services throughout a student's career and communicate with parents per mandate.Contact Amie Petri for help with Clear Track/AIS.
    Curriculum Mapping - Rubicon Atlas
    Rubicon Atlas Curriculum Mapping which allows teachers to create and analyze curriculum maps. Also includes a Professional Learning Community Template for analyzing student data.
    A program which takes all state and regents exams results from Data Warehouse and allows trend summary analysis as well as performance indicator analysis. Then there is a link to additional resources for teachers. Get a login ID and Password once you click on the link below and follow the directions.
    Western New York Regional Information Center
    Data Warehouse & Data Analysis Web Site of all state and regents data.

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      eDoctrina is a suite of teaching tools designed to help teachers teach more effectively and students get the support they need to succeed.

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