SMART Goal Reflection - Sample essays

  • A S.M.A.R.T. goal is a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Everyone needs a goal that they work towards, that is the purpose of a S.M.A.R.T. goal. For example, my goal was to pass all my classes with a 90 or higher by the end of the quarter.

    While trying to meet my goal I often found I had to apply life skills to be successful. For example, I found that I had to make a decision every day. I had to decide if I wanted to do my homework right after school or wait an hour. I also had to determine my priorities. Would I do the easy math homework that was due Friday or the impossible science work due Wednesday first? Like any goal. I encountered obstacles while trying to work towards my goal. My biggest obstacle was Science. I have a hard time understanding science and I knew it would be my hardest class to get a 90 in.

    I unfortunately did not meet my goal. I struggled this quarter and did not use all of my available resources. I should have spent more time getting help from my teachers and go to homework help at the end of the quarter. I was disappointed in myself. I could have done better

    After reflecting, I learned that I have to use all the resources that I have to their full potential, I also learned that I need to manage my time better                                A.N.




    Smart goals are very important to someone’s life because it helps people to complete work and not let people around you control your life. Smart goals help people work towards something and relieves stress from you. Smart goals also make you feel good when you accomplish them because it makes you feel like you can do anything if you set your mind to it. The five pieces you should meet for a S.M.A.R.T. goal are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

    My goal was to run 25 miles. The life skills I used to meet my goal was that I know when I’m running, I keep my mind set to a good pace and try not to slow down. I am committed to something that I want to do for fun. My mom always encourages me to keep going and so does the running coaches. I manage my time right when I run so I keep a good pace and so I can still get my homework done after running club.

    An obstacle that I faced with my goal was sometimes when I was running for so long, I didn’t think I would ever meet 25 miles because I wasn’t anywhere close to it. I would start to feel like there was no point to my goal because it was so challenging.

    I achieved my goal because I stayed committed to it and persevered at the tough times of my goal. I feel very satisfied because I reached my goal and had extra miles on it too. I stayed committed to my goal no matter how hard it got at times.

    A change that I would make in my life to better meet my goals would be to always think positive and don’t give up even if I feel like I will never reach my goal. I could also try to ignore people that are negative and try to bring me down. Keeping a positive attitude and ignoring negative people is very important to achieving your goal because if you do that, it will make your life much easier when trying to achieve your goals.


            The purpose of creating a SMART goal is to challenge yourself to see that if you can achieve a certain goal in a certain amount of time. The process of creating a SMART goal entails five steps. THE goal must be SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. My goal was to win 10 chess games by April 7th.

    The life goals used to achieve my goal were decision making, time management and problem solving. When I was playing chess, I had to make sure that the decisions I was making were going to lead me to a win. If I was put into “check” when I was playing a game, I had to problem solve a way out so I could still win the game. To play chess, I had to make sure I got my chores done and m homework done, so that I had the time to improve my game.

    One obstacle I faced while trying to achieve my goal was that I signed up for the school play. The schedule for the school play conflicted with my chess club schedule. This meant that I had to make time to play chess on weekends with my dad and other friends to keep improving my game.

    I did achieve my goal of wanting to win 10 games by April 7th because I played at the New York State Scholastic Championships and I finished first in the Middle School Reserve under 400 rating category. I also won five games in chess club one day and beat the computer twice. I am really proud of myself for achieving my goal and I’ve already set another for for next year, to improve my chess rating by 100 more points.

    To achieve this, I need to put more time for chess into my life, I need to play people who are better than me and I need to read strategy books.









    The purpose of creating a SMART goal is to motivate you to get something important done in your life so you can feel accomplished. When creating a SMART goal, you must make sure that it is Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. You will start by picking an important topic in your life and ask yourself what do I want to accomplish? How will I be able to measure my success? Is it important to me? When do I want it to get done by?

    I applied many life skills while achieving my SMART goal. I had to use decision making to decide whether or not I go to my friend’s house or to stay home and study. I had to determine what was more important in my life doing my school work or going to the gym. I had to manage my time by setting aside some time for studying and also make time to be with my friends and family. Some obstacles I encountered as I worked towards my smart goal was finding time to study and having enough energy to stay up after sports and do homework.

    I have achieved my goal because as the quarter comes to an end I have a 99 average, which is higher than the goal I had set. I feel amazing about myself because of these results, I wasn’t 100% sure if I had it in me to achieve my goal but I did it.

    Achieving my goal boots my confidence a ton. It made me realize that as I near high school it is critical that I spend more time on my academics rather than on unimportant activities. Setting and achieving my smart goal has taught me a lot about myself and has, and me a better person.