• 3/21/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 3/21/2018

    Students took a class quiz on "Psalm of Life" and "Old Ironsides."

    New partners established for next two poems in the packet "I Heard a Fly..." and "The Brain..." Students worked on analyzing for the rest of the period.

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  • 3/19/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 3/19/2018

    Students partnered to analyze Walt Whitman poems - "Noiseless Patient Spider" and "I Hear America Singing."

    Answer questions in the packet.

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  • 3/16/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 3/16/2018

    Students worked with their assigned partner to finish analyzing "A Psalm of Life."  Biographies for all other poets were read and noted.

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  • 3/14/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 3/14/2018

    Finish "The First Snowfall," and answer all questions.  You should have taken notes on author's biography.  (Background information on all poets covered will be on final exam.)


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  • 3/13/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 3/13/2018

    Continued work with partner to analyze "Concord Hyman" and "The First Snowfall."


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  • 3/12/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 3/12/2018

    Reviewed "The Snowstorm." Students took 5 question quiz on the poem.  Introduced the next poem in the packet, "Concord Hymn."  Students were partnered and completed:

    1)establishing meter

    2)poem segments for paraphrasing

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  • 3/8/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 3/8/2018

    Introduced how to analyze a poem.

    Students partnered to begin analyzing "The Snowstorm."

    Poetry Packet

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  • 3/7/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 3/7/2018

    We played Jeopardy review for poetry.  

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  • 3/5 & 3/6

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 3/5/2018

    Students presented Poetry Out Loud poems.  

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  • 3/1/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 3/1/2018

    Students finished Declaration of Independence presentations.

    Discussed the five main topics associated with Romantic period: historical, romantic, transcendental, darker side, fireside poets.  Get notes from a classmate if you were absent.

    PRACTICE Poetry Out Loud poem!!!! Presentations are Monday!!!

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