• 1/17/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/17/2018

    Students worked on polishing draft of persuasive speech.  All rhetorical devices must be present.  

    HW: Finish draft; have hard copy available for tomorrow's class.

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  • 1/16/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/16/2018

    Checked persuasive speech graphic organizer.

    Students worked on typing a draft of their speech.  Draft due tomorrow.

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  • 1/12/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/12/2018

    Reviewed Patrick Henry's Speech in the Virginia Convention.  Identified examples of parallelism, rhetorical questioning, restatement, exclamation, and repetition.

    Modeled an persuasive speech on why homeowners should purchase a goat. 

    Assigned Persuasive speech.  Graphic organizer due Tuesday.

    graphic organizer

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  • 1/9/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/9/2018

    Students went to the LMC to find an independent reading book.  Must be written by an American author. Selections due Friday.


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  • 1/8/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/8/2018

    Students took a reading test on Ethan Frome and finished writing their Benchmark essay.

    HW: Do MUG #6

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  • 1/2-1/5

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/4/2018

    Benchmark 2 (Tuesday - Thursday); Part 3 essays were returned on Wednessday. Corrections are due Friday.

    Friday - Test on Ethan Frome; Ethan Frome reading guide collected.

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  • 12/21-12/22

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 12/21/2017

    Writing day - Part 3 essay (Ethan Frome chapter of choice)

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  • 12/19

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 12/19/2017

    MUG#5 - collect packet

    Review Chapter 1

    Quiz on Chapter 2

    Partner work on Chapter 2 focus - Chapter 2

    HW: Read Ch. 3 and 4

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  • 12/13-12/15

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 12/15/2017

    Wednesday - Ethan Frome novella was introduced to the class.  Books and reading guide were distributed. 

    HW: Read Prologue (unmarked).  It starts on page 1.  The Prologue is different from the Introduction.  Fill out the notes on your reading guide for the Prologue.

    Ethan Frome Reading Guide

    Thursday, Dec. 14 - Students worked in groups of 4 to start to analyze the Prologue.

    Prologue Group Work

    Friday, Dec. 15 - Quiz on the Prologue; finish group work.

    HW: Read Chapater 1; fill in reading guide notes.

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  • 11/29

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 11/29/2017

    Reviewed Nouns and Verbs.  Introduced Pronouns.  Students picked up where they left off in Khan.  Many took Verb exit quizzes.  Students should plan to finish exit verb quizzes tomorrow.  

    Essay corrections for Part 2 essay are due Friday.

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