• 4/20/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 4/20/2018

    Students worked on typing rough draft of research paper.

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  • 4/19/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 4/19/2018

    Reviewed how to format paper in Word for MLA style (including Works Cited page). (See me if absent).  Look at the sample paper in the ELA manual (p49).

    Also reviewed criteria for an Honors level intro paragraph. 


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  • 4/18/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 4/18/2018

    Collected intro. and body paragraph 1.

    Students continued writing rough draft.

    HW: Finish rough draft.

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  • 4/16 and 4/17

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 4/16/2018

    Students started writing rough draft of research paper.

    Thesis statements were written.  Graphic organizer was distributed.

    Graphic Organizer

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  • 4/13/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 4/13/2018

    Instructed students on how to do parenthetical citations.

    Students wrote correct parenthetical citation on each note card that needed to be cited.

    HW: Finish PCs; organize note cards.


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  • 4/12/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 4/12/2018

    Collected book covers for independent reading projects.

    Evaluated what facts need to be cited/referenced.

    To Cite or Not to Cite

    Students highlighted note cards that need to be cited.

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  • 4/11/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 4/11/2018

    Students finished Benchmark 3.

    Note cards were collected and graded.

    Independent reading project due tomorrow.


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  • 4/9 & 4/10

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 4/9/2018

    Benchmark 3

    All Note Cards are due Wednesday.


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  • 3/28 and 3/29

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 4/9/2018

    Reviewed how to make note cards. (See note card section in ELA manual for specific instructions).  See teacher notes attached here:

    Teacher Notes for Note Cards

    Also discussed the difference among quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing.

    Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting


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  • 3/27/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 3/27/2018

    Reviewed what makes a fact NOTE CARD worthy.

    Students assigned to read sources 1 and 2. Highlight noteworthy facts.  Label with appropriate subtopic:






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