• 1/19/2018

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/19/2018

    Reviewed "The World Is Too Much with Us" by matching paraphrased segments of the poem.

    Reviewed meter.

    HW: Emily Dickinson's Biography (annotate, label, and answer m/c questions).

    Emily D. Biography

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  • 1/17/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/17/2018

    Reviewed Wordworth's biography -- text annotation and m/c questions. Collected.

    Students worked with a partner to paraphrase and analyze Wordworth's poem "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud."

    HW: Finish poem analysis; quiz on "The Road Not Taken" and "I Wandered..." tomorrow.

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  • 1/16/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/16/2018

    Reviewed "The Road Not Taken" by rereading and answering all of the questions in the packet.

    HW: William Wordsworth Biography -- Read, annotate (active notetaking), label where answers to m/c questions are found in the passage, and answer the m/c questions.


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  • 1/12/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/12/2018

    Students did a journal activity on symbolism.

    HW: Read "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. Answer all questions in the packet that pertain to this poem.


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  • 1/9/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/9/2018

    We reviewed poetry terms (last page of poetry packet given yesterday).  See 1/8/18 post for poetry packet link.

    Students are to read "Uncoiling" and "A Voice" and answer the questions.  Poems are in the poetry packet.


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  • 1/8/18

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/8/2018

    Students took an assessment on their independent reading selections.

    After the test, students wrote a poem about poetry in their journals.

    HW: Read How to Analyze a Poem and "Introduction to Poetry." Answer questions in the packet.

    Poetry Packet

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  • 1/2-1/5

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 1/4/2018

    Benchmark 2 (Tuesday - Thursday); Part 3 essays were returned on Tuesday. Corrections were collected on Thursday.

    Friday - Test on independent reading book.


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  • 12/21-12/22

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 12/21/2017

    Reviewed command of evidence writing styles.

    Command of Evidence

    Write part 3 essay. Due 12/22.

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  • 12/19

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 12/19/2017

    Scrapbook projects due today.

    Parts of Speech Note Packet due today.

    Final Exam on Parts of Speech is today.

    HW: Read the essay prompt and excerpt; answer the m/c questions

    Part 3 Essay

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  • 12/15-12/19

    Posted by Deb Zupo on 12/15/2017

    Today is the last day to finish all Parts of Speech quizzes.

    Monday, Dec. 18, will be a work day for final project -- Your Parts of Speech Scrapbook.

    Tuesday, Dec. 19 is the final exam on Parts of Speech.  Packets are due before the test; final projects are due.


    Sample Scrapbook:  Mrs. Zupo's Scrapbook

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