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    Behavior Plan:

    The behavior system that we will use is a color chart. Each student has a clothes pin with their name on it. When a positive or negative behavior occurs, they will be asked to change their pin.  The chart will remain on the wall in the classroom for the duration of the year.
    • Each day students will begin on green.
    •  Purple-represent that the student was a role model and went above on beyond.
    • Green-  represents that the student had a great day and made appropriate choices frequently.
    • Yellow - represents that the student made some bad choices throughout the course of the day and, as a result, has to miss some of recess.
    •  Orange means that the student frequently made bad choices and, as a result, has to miss all of recess.
    • In extreme cases where a student has changed to orange  and is still making poor decisions, a phone call will be made home, the child may be written up, and/or the principal will be notified of the behavior.