• Resources
    AplusMath - Practice your addition, subtraction and multiplication facts using the Hidden Picture activity.
    Cool Math Games - On this site, you will find many "cool" games to work on various areas of mathematics!
    Flocabulary - Flocabulary is a learning program that uses educational hip-hop music to engage students and increase achievement across the curriculum.
    iKnowThat - Awesome interactive games to work on both math and ELA skills.
    IXL - You will need your username and password to enter IXL to practice specific math and language arts skills.
    Kurzweil Firefly - You can read books online using this internet-based Kurzweil link.
    MobyMax - Engage in interesting math, reading, writing and science activities to work on various skills. You will need your username and password.
    Multiplication Review - Play the fun classroom capers game to practice your math facts! 
    Newsela - Read interesting, current nonfiction articles at a level that is just right for you and build your comprehension skills!
    Plot Diagram Interactive - Use a fiction book or story to create your own interactive plot diagram using this site!
    Quizlet - Create online flashcards, play games, and create quizzes to test yourself.
    Quill - Online activities to practice proofreading and constructing sentences by identifying errors and inserting correct words or punctuation marks.
    Read Live - Online reading program to work on comprehension, fluency and vocabulary.
    Read Theory - Log in using your username and password. Read engaging passages at your specific reading level and answer questions about what you have read to improve your critical thinking skills!
    ReadWorksReadWorks is an online comprehension program that includes fun, engaging articles, vocabulary practice and other integrated tools.
    Scholastic Story Starters - Using different writing prompts, you can write your own creative stories using the Scholastic Story Starter.
    Seesaw - Seesaw is a digital student portfolio where students can showcase creative projects they're working on in class, respond to teacher posts and answer questions using pictures, videos, notes, activities, etc.
    Shutterball Memory Game - Practice your visual memory by playing this interactive game.
    TweenTribune - Read interesting news articles at your specific reading level and take a reading comprehension quiz afterwards.
    Typing Club - Practice your typing skills using this free site!