• Arcade Elementary 4th Grade Supply List


    ___24+ pencils

    ___2 composition notebooks

    ___6 folders (red, green, yellow, blue, purple, orange)

    ___8 Expo dry erase markers

    ___1 dry erase eraser

    ___2 boxes of Kleenex

    ___2 highlighters (yellow or pink)

    ___1 in. binder

    ___1 package of markers

    ___2 large erasers

    ___1 package of colored pencils

    ___1 single package of 3x3 sticky notes

    ___3 glue sticks

    ___2 packages or loose leaf, wide ruled paper

     In addition to the supplies listed above, please note teacher specific items below. Thank you!

     Mrs. Waterman & Mrs. Bojanowski

    ___1 red spiral bound notebook

    ___1 blue spiral bound notebook

    ___1 package of lined, white notecards

    ___1 package of lined, colored notecards

     Mrs. Nolder, Mrs. Staub, & Miss Bracikowski

    ___2 pencil pouches