• Who is Mrs. Unghire?


    I grew up on a small dairy farm in rural PA (an area much like Pioneer) where my brothers and I spent the majority of our time 
    outside. I have always loved
    nature and learning how things work, and considered myself a scientist from a young age! I completed my Bachelors degree in Biology at Northeastern University in Boston, MA (a big change for a farm girl!) and began my ‘official’ career as a scientist working in a research laboratory. I loved the culture of learning and having the ability to carry out my own experiments, but eventually decided that studying kidney regeneration in zebrafish (yes I know, very glamorous) would just be a temporary stop 
    on my career path. My next job was working as an environmental scientist outside Hartford, CT where 
    I figured I would save the world one polluted site at a time. After a few years there, I found that 
    consulting was more about making clients happy than being Captain Planet, and I decided to reevaluate once again. I chose a path that lead to getting my Masters in Science Teaching from UNC-Chapel Hill so that I could combine my passion for science with a career where I would not only be helping people and the greater good, but where I can also spread the science love! After starting my teaching 
    career at a high school outside Baltimore, MD, my husband and I moved to Western NY (a little over 6 years ago) and I have been working in the district ever since!


    Toby-tat! This will be my sixth year teaching 7th grade science, and I LOVE it! bboy
    Though I’m a fan of all the sciences, 
    biology is my favorite (and will be yours too - or else!)! We now live in  Orchard Park in a house that predates the invention of the light bulb and indoor plumbing. I still love nature,
     and my 
    family and I spend a lot of time outside – mountain biking, kayaking, camping, snowboarding – we love it all! When we’re inside you can find us snuggling with our two cats – Toby and Tillie (more on them to come) – or (attempting) to cook up a tasty dish from my grandma's cookbook.   In 2015 the Unghire clan expanded with the addition of our son Bowen. As a scientist in training, he is already performing experiments on topics such as the physics of food material movement, the effects of sleep deprivation on science educators, and the reaction time of cats to an approaching threat. 

    Tillie-tat! I love wombats (I studied abroad in Aussie) and zombie literature (though I'm a  bit of a snob - no running zombies!). I also enjoy sewing and have a small side business selling my creations.  I truly LOVE science, and it seems to find its way in to every part of my life!


    I’m SUPER excited for this school year, and can’t wait to get to know all of my new scientists!