8th Grade Social Studies

  •  Where in the World is the Colosseum?

    Course Description

    This year 8th grade students will continue their study of American History beginning with westward expansion.  Our curriculum will take us through the rest of the 19th century then through the entire 20th century and up to the modern era. 


    Unit 1: Reconstruction and Civil Rights

    Unit 2: Industrialization and Immigration

    Unit 3: The United States Looks Overseas

    Unit 4: 1920s and Great Depression

    Unit 5: World War II

    Unit 6: The Cold War

    Unit 7: Entering a New Millennium


    At the end of each unit students will take a unit test that is modeled on the former NYS 8th grade Social Studies assessment. 

    As we look to continue implementation of the Common Core standards students will be encouraged to develop strong written communication skills in all subject areas.  Throughout the course of the year students will complete several Thematic and Document Based Question (DBQ)essays.  These essays require students to analyze documents, plan, and write a well developed essay.  There is a specific graphic organizer and grading rubric that will used for these essays.

Test Corrections

  • Directions

    On a separate piece of paper or typed on the computer, rewrite each incorrect answer as a complete sentence.

    Staple your corrections to your original test.

    You will receive half of your points back for each corrected answer


    Test Question:

    4) Which amendment guarantees that prisoners won’t be tortured while in jail?

    a. fourth

    b. fifth

    c. sixth

    d. eighth

    Test Correction:

    4) The eighth amendment guarantees that prisoners won’t be tortured while in jail.

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