Policy Board Minutes


    DATE:  February 5, 2018

    TIME:   4:00 p.m. – Middle School - Room D120 – Curriculum Office


    IN ATTENDANCE:  Sylvia Chase, Susan Dressel, Frank Guzzetta, Michael Irizarry, Thomas Izydorczak,

    Giorgio LoBianco, Mary Rauscher, Deborah Rickerson, Mary Lou Sworts, Jill Wilkie




    1. CONSENSUS REPORT – Minutes – January 8, 2018                                       

      Financial Report


           Motion:    To approve consensus report as presented

           1st     Tom Izydorczak      2nd       Mary Rauscher        Carried:   Yes   



    1. Forthcoming Meetings
      • February 1, 2018 - NYSUT Office, Williamsville
      • February 5, 2018 – Policy Board meeting
      • March 5-7, 2018 - NYSTC Spring Symposium/Committee of 100-Albany, NY
      • March 12, 2018 – Policy Board meeting (due to conflict w/state mtg.)
      • April 9, 2018 – Policy Board meeting
      • May 7, 2018 – Policy Board meeting
      • May 17, 2018 - Buffalo State College
      • June 4, 2018 – Policy Board meeting



    1. State, Curriculum/TC Updates
    • FarWest /State Updates - The director updated the Policy Board on the FarWest updates from the regional meeting on February 1, 2018.  At the regional meeting, there was discussion about the operations of the statewide technology committee, Arts Program updates, budget, advocacy, National Board Certification and Spring Symposium updates.
    • ELA/Math Next Generation Standards – The Director of Curriculum and Instruction and the TC Director met to discuss the ELA/Math Next Generation Standards review session to be held on a mandatory or optional day.   Teachers will receive one hour of presenter pay to plan presentations to introduce colleagues to the changes in standards.  The session is tentatively scheduled for March 21, 2018.  
    • Old Laminator – It was suggested that the Teacher Center donate the old laminator, upon delivery of the new, updated laminator. The old laminator is still operational for simple jobs. Since the other three buildings in the district have access to their own laminators, the old laminator will be offered to the Middle School, which does not to have access to a laminating machine.


    Motion:   To send the older laminator to the Middle School.

      1st     Mary Rauscher         2nd     Sue Dressel        Carried:   Yes   


    • Audit Courses – Previously, the Teacher Center Policy Board has approved

    PFA and PAA members to take a second workshop for audit (without cost) if they have already paid the fees for one workshop. The Policy Board reviewed this decision in light of changes in CTLE.  

    Motion:   Any Pioneer employee that is eligible for in-service stipend credit or reimbursement can take one course at the regular fees and any additional courses, if space is available after paying participants have registered, at no charge. 

      1st     Giorgio LoBianco         2nd     Frank Guzzetta        Carried:   Yes   


    • Technology - The Teacher Center has allocated $400 in the state grant

    for coding/technology resources. Gio LoBianco is currently teaching the Center’s Integrating Technology courses, therefore the Policy Board requested that he submit a request for resources which can be utilized and shared with course participants and district employees.


    1. Webmaster Update

          The Teacher Center website will be updated with January’s Policy Board meeting minutes and next month’s Policy Board meeting date and time.   It is noted that the meeting will be a week later due to the required meetings in Albany on the usual date.


    1. Building Liaison Information
    • 2017-2018 Several summer payments are overdue
    • 2017-2018 workshops available – sign up promptly
    • PDP Timekeeper is due 2 weeks prior to start of workshop...please do not start working on course work before receiving approval
    • Registrations are required for workshops, sent to TC in electronic or hard copy
    • Reflection Forms will be sent to participants for completion one month before the designated due date. Completed forms should be sent to the Teacher Center and the course instructor.  
    • If individuals have taken workshops form outside providers, they should contact the Teacher Center for a Reflection Form. Reflection Forms will not be available online due to being specific to each workshop
    • Please remember that all Reflection Forms should be typed and submitted electronically.
    • 2018-2019 Course Catalog will be available March 1st.



    1. 2018-2019 Workshops – Final Approval

    Discussion:   The Policy Board reviewed the 2018-2019 in-service course catalog. 

     Policy Board members voted to final approve the course catalog, with any possible edits or revisions that may come from district administration due to upcoming decisions on the district calendar and district offerings.  


           Motion:    To approve the 2018-2019 in-service course catalog.

           1st     Sue Dressel             2nd       Mary Rauscher           Carried:   Yes    


    1. Current 2017-2018 Registrations
    • Integrating Technology into Curriculum, Windows/Devices and Tablets – 22
    • Hanging In – Strategies for Teaching Students Who Challenge Us Most - 7


    1. Pioneer Logo Gear for New Teachers

    Discussion:    The Curriculum Department has shared information on what they usually present to new staff members during orientation. The Policy Board members are currently reviewing items and decisions will be made at a future Policy Board meeting.


    1. Higher Education Policy Board Member

           Discussion:   The Policy Board discussed the need for a Higher Education representative on the Policy Board, due to the retirement of Dr. Deborah DiNoto. Dr. Thomas Priester at GCC has replaced Dr. DiNoto.  The Teacher Center has reached out to Dr. Priester to invite him to join the Policy Board. The Teacher Center has not yet received a response. 


           Motion to Adjourn:                 

           1st    Mary Rauscher                   2nd    Tom Izydorczak      Carried:   Yes    



    ADJOURNED:   4:50 p.m.

    NEXT MEETING:   March 12, 2018