The Academy of Finance introduces students to career opportunities in the financial services industry, teaches students how the global economy operates, and provides "hands-on" tools for future professions in this industry. 
Students will complete 5 1/2 elective credits throughout their sophomore, junior and senior years with courses specifically geared to finance -- Accounting, Personal Finance, Career Marketing, etc.  Only students in the Academy program will be scheduled in these classes.  At the present time, Computer Applications and Career Education Planning are offered as GCC college credit bearing courses.  Students will take these courses in high school and receive college credit - at a significantly reduced rate than if they wait until college. 
In the summer between their junior and senior year, students will complete a job internship program in a local business in a position that allows them to use the skills they have learned in the first two years of the Academy.  This is a great networking opportunity and offers students the chance to really put their knowledge to the test. 
Students graduating from the Academy of Finance will receive a Career & Technical Education (CTE) endorsement on their Regents Diplomas from the State of New York. 
The first students to enter the Academy of Finance will begin their course work in September 2009 as sophomores.  This year (2008-09), students in 9th grade will be invited to apply for membership in this Academy.
Last Modified on August 1, 2008