4th Grade Music

  • 4th grade is a continuation of 3rd grade music.  More work is done on the recorders and drums as students get more involved and in depth with these instruments.  A strong focus is on reading notation to prepare for Middle school music.  We conclude the year with a unit on the Instruments of the Band/Orchestra so they can make wise decisions when picking instruments in the middle school.
    Singing in two or more parts with a good singing voice using partner songs and rounds
    Understanding that music is a part of every culture
    Understanding that music reflects culture
    Understanding that music can help shape the social and cultural climate of a society
    Understanding that playing and performing music is a vital part of every culture
    Use skills necessary to play music from different cultures
     Reading music through recorder performance
    Understanding how the size and shape affects the sound produced by an instrument
    Understanding how music can tell a story