The Cognitive Assets consist of:
    vClear Intent-knowing what one’s intentions are
    vPractical Optimism- thinking optimistically to improve success
    vInitiative- readiness and skill taking action
    vSystematic Search- exploring all possibilities first
    vUsing two or more sources of information
    vUnderstanding Space
    vSelective Attention- knowing what to pay attention to
    vMaking Comparisons
    vUnderstanding Time
    vDefining the Problem
    vMaking Connections
    vSystematic Planning
    vCognitive Flexibility-ability to accurately assessing all situations and adjusting to them
    vUsing Cues Appropriately
    vMaking Inferences
    vWorking Memory
    vMaking Meaning
    vPoint of View
    vThoughtful Behavior- ability to stop think and respond
    vEffective Expression- a thoughtful response
    vAppropriate Courage- assessing situations, being clear on mission and goals and taking the appropriate action
    vFinishing Power- The power to finish what you started regardless of difficulty
    vLearning from Experience- skill of reflecting and selecting what to do if a similar situation arises
    (Conyers and Wilson, 2001)
Last Modified on August 7, 2009