School Phone Numbers – 492-9300 extension 4068- You can reach me anytime at this extension between the hours of 8:45- 3:45 pm

    Lunch -  12:05-12:35 pm  Children are responsible for their lunch money. It will not be collected. Please send it in an envelope or change purse if possible, so it doesn’t get lost.

    Specials – 10:05 - 10:45           art     gym     library
     Monday – Art

    Tuesday- Physical Education

    Wednesday- Physical Education

    Thursday- Music/Physical Education

    Friday- Library

    Birthdays – parents are welcome anytime to send in a treat for their son/daughter’s birthday     birthday

    Holiday Parties – There are four holiday parties: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Each family will sign up to bring in one treat for one of the four parties.

    Book bag and Paws Folder: These should be checked every night and returned to school each day. Send any notes, money envelopes, completed homework assignments, etc. in the Paws Folder.