Fourth Grade


        Fourth graders begin the year with a project that I began last year and the kids really got into it.  It is artist trading cards.  They are basically mini pieces of personal artwork that showcase their style, things that they like, and they will trade at least one of them.  It will be something that they will have as homework assignment with a deadline.  They can be black and white drawings, colored drawings, collage, little photos, computer art(however, it needs to be more than just a clip art image cut out and pasted onto the template), fiber art,and on and on...Each student will be given one clear trading card sleeve for their best card, and we will display them in the case near the auditorium.

        Students will be starting their clay leaves at the same time in class. They should have some kind of old shirt or apron to keep in their lockers to wear on days we work with clay and other messy materials that stain.

        I am asking that each student bring in a gallon size ziplock bag, (but not the kind with the little zipper as they really don't keep the air out of their clay work).  This will be used to keep their clay leaf in as they work on it. Thanks for your help with this!  Also, if you and your student have a leaf that you really want to use, have them put it in their bag, seal it, and bring it in on the day assigned.  If I think it'll work, they can use it!  Otherwise, I will have leaves provided for students to use.


    Click here to see an art assessment form used in third and fourth grades