2016-2017 Daily Schedule


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    You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.
    ~Clay P. Bedford



    Social Studies flag

            At the beginning of the year, we will be studying communities around the world.  Map and globe skills will also be stressed.  W will be making salt maps, so your child will need a sturdy piece of cardboard (14” x 22”) for this project.  We will also learn about pilgrims, immigration, and government and economic systems around the world.



    Science rain

          Topics such as life cycles, animal adaptations, plants, weather/water cycle, space, and the moon will be studied. In the spring, the Mobile Dome Planetarium will come to Delevan to do a presentation that coincides with our space unit!  



    ELA book

          We will be using the Lucy Calkins Readers Workshop and the NYS Modules. We will use trade books by popular children’s authors to model the teaching points for each reading unit.  Your child will have the opportunity to take Accelerated Reader quizzes on their independent reading books to earn a monthly reading celebration.    Three benchmark tests will be given throughout the year to prepare for the NYS ELA test on April 5th-7th.

    Language/Writing pencil

          Throughout the year your child will be given the opportunity to write in a variety of ways, including Personal narrative, Fairytale, Persuasive Essays and Reviews, Expert Topic Books, Research Reports, and Poetry.  We will primarily use the Lucy Calkins writing workshop model.  I will put all final drafts into a writing portfolio to send home at the end of the year.  There will be 3 benchmark tests throughout the year with responding to literature tasks to prepare for the New York State ELA test on April 5th-7th.


    Cursive Writing 

          We will continue the transition from printing to cursive writing.  Lower case letters will be reviewed from second grade.  Upper case letters will then be introduced, followed by connecting letters to make words and applying them to our writing.



    Spelling Blocks

           We will be using the Words Their Way spelling program.  On Monday we will sort our words into specific spelling patterns.  One spelling center will be completed each week to practice the words in school.  I will send home a list of suggested daily activities to help your child with their weekly word sorts at home.  It is important for your child to practice these words at home throughout the week. 

              There will be multiple spelling groups based on ability.  Your child's sort should reflect words that are not too easy or too hard.  Since we have multiple spelling groups, the spelling test on Friday will be taken on the computer using the Spelling city program  This allows for differentiation as well as keyboarding practice.  Students can access http://http://www.spellingcity.com/list-management.htm at home to play games for practice and take a practice test.


    Math math

          We will start our year with multiplication and division for 2-5 and 10.  Then we will move to solving problems with mass and volume and telling and solving problems about time to the minute. Next we will revisit multiplication and division with 0,1, and 6-9.  We will use our knowledge of multiplication to apply it to area.  Then we will spend a great deal of time comparing, ordering, and reasoning  about fractions on a numberline. There will be a short unit on displaying data in pictographs and bar graphs before the NYS Math Test from April 13th-15th.  After the test, our focus will be on geometry and perimeter.


    Grading System

          Grading will be numeric on report cards.  Report cards will be done electronically again this year.  On November 23rd and November 24th there will be parent/student conferences.  Please sign up at orientation.  A reminder will be sent home the week prior.


    Work Folder

          Every Friday your child will be bringing home a work folder.  In it you will find all of their completed work for the week.  Please look at the papers with your child and read their reflection of the week.   Be sure to sign and return the reflection sheet the following Monday. 


    Working together, I'm confident that your child will experience a happy, productive year in third grade.


Last Modified on August 7, 2017