• DEMO DAY                           d day

    Objective: Using Newton's 2nd Law of Motion, students must create a "Demo Car" that will outlast  their peers' vehicle.   
    1.  The vehicle should be about the size of a shoe box.
    2.  There cannot be any sharp objects attached to the vehicle.
    3.  If using a manufactured vehicle (ex. Tonka Truck ), the student must have made some alterations.
    4.  The "Demo Cars" will be manually pushed.  NO REMOTE CONTROL VEHICLES!!
    Things to Remember:
    1.  Force=Mass X Acceleration (If possible add mass to your vehicle)
    2.  Lowering friction, increases acceleration.
    1.  Students will face off in single elimination bouts until there is only one vehicle remaining in each class period.
    2.  Each class champion will square off and contend for the overall championship.
    3.  The bout is over when one of the following occurs:
         - a wheel falls off or can no longer function correctly.
         - the bout exceeds the time limit (predetermined based on the number of entries).  Both contenders will then move on to the next round.
    4.  Any part of a vehicle that falls off or becomes loose, cannot be fixed until after the competition.

    Click here to watch this years Demo Day Contest

    2011-12 Champions
     Kaylee Miller, Dakota Gangler, Richard George

    2010-11 Champions

    Jeff Havens, Matt Haggerty, and Jeff Casillo

    2009-10 Champion and Runner Up
    Champion: Ryan Schwab
    Runner Up: Thomas Archer

    2006-07 Demo Day Champion
    Kyle Knorr


    2007-08 Champions
    Brittanee Jaquish and Chris Fleck 
    2008-09 Champion
    Jacob Watt
    Jacob Watt