• Reading & Writing Notebooks


    All students are required to keep a Reading  Response Notebook and a Writing Notebook.  The reading notebook will contain reflections from independent reading and will be graded each month.  Writing notebooks are a part of classwork and will be graded based on participation.  
    The  Writing Notebook contains writing that is done on a daily basis in response to poems, quotes, grammar exercises, and photographs. 

     The Reading Notebook should have reflections about the reading the student is doing out of class, independently.  Each student has been given a sheet of questions they should use to complete the reflections.

    Is your child telling you they already read during Learning Lab? Is your child logging their reading time in his/her CALENDAR every night?
    At Pioneer Middle School, we are trying to create a culture of readersIt is crucial they are reading both at school AND at home. We encourage you to help us - help your child schedule at least HALF AN HOUR for uninterrupted READING, 6-7 nights per week.
    Your student should also be reflecting (writing) every other night.
    Remind them to dig deep with their reflections by using evidence from their books.
    NYS will be looking for TEXT-BASED responses on the State Test.
    Your student is also WRITING every day in ELA.
    Give them a hand. Recommend they include INTRODUCTORY and CONCLUSION paragraphs. Suggest they try using their five senses when writing (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch).
Last Modified on July 25, 2017