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    Homework Policy*

    When an assignment is given, it is due the next day unless told otherwise. I will accept late assignments but there is a 50% penalty, per day. After one week of the assigned due date I will not accept the late homework assignment.

    If a student is absent, or "misplaces" their HW or notes, they can download a replacement copy by following the link to the left of this page that says "Classroom Resources."  For the most part, these packets are BLANK.  It is the student's responsibility to fill them in.

    Parents, the number one reason students do not pass 8th grade is not doing their homework assignments. The purpose of homework is to reinforce the learning that is happening in class at any given time. With the amount of material that we need to cover, I will be assigning homework on an average of three nights a week. That may mean that some weeks I may assign homework every night and other weeks I may not assign any.

    Homework makes up 20% of your child's overall grade so make sure that they do their assignments and hand them in on time. Encourage your child to use their agenda to record all of their homework assignments. When your child finishes a homework assignment have them put a check after the assignment in their agenda.

    It would be helpful to us if you required your child to bring home their agenda and their daily assignments every night. Have them bring home all of their assignments even if your child has completed it so that you can check. The agenda can also be a great way for us to communicate with each other.

    Please encourage your child to keep a homework folder so that they do not lose assignments that they have completed the night before.

    Please contact me right away if you have any questions on homework so that we can function as a team to help your child succeed.

    *For a complete list of today's homework for the entire team, please call the Middle School Greeter's Desk at 716-492-9300 Ext. 9416.
Last Modified on September 22, 2015