October News                    Mrs. Battaglia's Class 

     Important Dates
        4-Picture Day
        9-Mid point of first quarter
        14-Columbus Day-no school   
        24- Numeracy Night                                                 
        31-Halloween Celebration
What's Happening in Class

Math:  We have been studying place value of whole numbers and decimals.  We use place value to compare and order numbers, write expanded form, and round numbers. Coming up next: Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals. We do corrections on homeworks weekly, usually on Mondays.

Social Studies: We are focusing on geography this month. Students will be researching a country from North or South America and then will share their facts.  We will be learning about latitude and longitude, natural resources and climate.

F. Y. I.
  •  Look for folders of papers to come home every couple of weeks. Please sign and return empty folders.
  • Numeracy Night at the Middle School-October 24, 6-8pm, for 5-8 graders and their families.
  • More information will be coming about Halloween and MOYA(Month of the young adolescent).
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