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     COURSE OFFERINGS 2014-2015 

    PRINTMAKING I&II-  In this course, students will follow a creative path as they create works of art in the printed medium. Students will discover the themes and purposes of printmaking as an art form, and how artists have used printmaking as a communication tool from ancient times to present day. Methods and medium in Printmaking I will include the creation of wheat paste murals, mono prints, gelatin prints, and linoleum.  Printmaking II will focus on more sophisticated techniques such as wood cut, dry point etching, silk screen, and spray paint and stencil street art.

    Materials:  please have old hand towels or similar, pencils, a sharpie marker, an apron or old shirt, a t-shirt for silk screen, a mask or bandana for spray painting protection, rubber gloves.

    STUDIO IN ART- This full year foundation course will explore art through units of study in drawing, painting, and sculpture. This hands on course will provide the students with the opportunity to explore both 2-D and 3-D art with an emphasis on developing personal style.  Students will learn art terms, themes and purposes in art, and art history.  Materials used include drawing with charcoal and pastel, painting with water color and acrylic, and sculpting with clay.  Individual and group discussions of student work will conclude each lesson.
    Materials:  please have a box of pencils,erasers, hand held pencil sharpener, 2 fine point black sharpie markers.

    This course is designed for the art major who has completed one other art class and is interested in the painted medium. Historical references and artist discussions will be used to introduce each assignment, and will help to facilitate discussion on themes and purposes. In 
    Painting I, students will explore a variety of media and techniques including tempera, water color, and acrylic. Projects will include introductory exercises, still life, landscapes, and art reproduction. In Painting II-  media, process, style, genre, and personal growth will be emphasized.  Students will explore other painting media, including oil and mixed media styles and technique.  Self portraits, and mural paintings will be explored.

    Materials:  please have old hand towels or similar, pencils, an apron or old shirt, a sealing container to keep paints, variety of small paintbrushes ( a couple of good brushes are better than a pack of low quality ones).

    This hands on course will  explore the creation of sculpture from prehistoric times through today. Sculpture I students will learn about media and techniques of sculpture production. Vocabulary and understanding will be emphasized.  Additive and subtractive techniques will be explored using materials such as cardboard, clay, and plaster.  Sculpture II is a continuation of the course with the emphasis remaining on personal growth, as well as the addition of creating art for public spaces. Sophisticated construction materials and techniques will be explored including wire, wood, glass, and concrete.

    Materials:  please have old hand towels or similar,  a pack of dust masks (for mixing plaster), eye protection, rubber gloves.


    USE OF CELL PHONES IS PROHIBITED IN CLASS. Please store your cell phone in your locker, purse, or book bag.

    HALL PASSES- There is one pass per class. Only one person is allowed out to lav/locker at a time. Always inform the instructor that you are using the pass, and sign out. There is a 5 minute maximum on the pass. Please respect others by not overstaying your time. If a pass is needed for another reason- always obtain a signed paper pass before leaving.

    CAFETERIA/VENDING MACHINE/SCHOOL STORE- Because it is a disruption to the classroom environment, and unnecessarily increases hall traffic, please refrain from excursions to these places. Please plan accordingly.

    Other Policies:

    • Each student is given a 100 for participation at the beginning of the 5 wk. period.  The student must work on their art assignment at least 30 min. each day in order to maintain this grade. 5 points will be deducted each day that the student does not work. Homework (from other classes), make-up ( from other classes), illegal absences and tardiness will all result in point reduction. Students CAN however, gain back points by making up classes during study hall, lunch, or after school.You do not have to be an excellent artist to succeed- you DO need to show effort!
    • Be on time- and ready to participate- Take care of personal needs such as lav, drinks, locker,etc... BEFORE class- plan for it.  Chronic tardiness, excessive use of lav/locker passes disruptive behaviors ,etc...will be referred to administration and parent for review.
    • Students are expected to clean up after themselves. Failure to do so, will result in loss of participation points, and deliberate or repeated cases will result in after school classroom clean up detention.  Damage to any materials, or tools either deliberate or because of carelessness will result in expectation of replacement and referral to parent and administration. Deliberate damage to other students property will result in immediate discipline referral and parent contact.
    • Follow the Golden Rule- be tolerant of others differences-
    • If you want change- look within yourself first.
    • Please contact me anytime at the email above with any concerns

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