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    Here is a quote to start out the year:

    Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do.You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, you can achieve.

    -Mary Kay Ash

    Why it’s Important to take Chemistry

    Learning Chemistry offers students opportunities to problem solve in unique and creative ways.


    The qualitative and quantitative aspects of chemistry require students to process and synthesize information from multiple perspectives.


    When students inevitably ask, “why do we need to learn this?” my answer is if you can learn this you can learn anything!


    Learning chemistry asks students to expand their thinking.Chemistry provides students with the abstractions to do just that. Atoms and molecules cannot be seen, yet we ask students to illustrate them and manipulate models to enhance their understanding.


    Although understanding these concepts is not essential for survival, these insights enhance daily experiences.


    Scientific literacy has become essential in society.Pollution, global warming, energy consumption, health, nutrition, etc., are chemistry based. Reading nutrition and product labels as well as medication information all require some knowledge of chemistry.


    There are very few politically charged issues that don’t have a foundation in chemistry. Every day newspapers report on some event that can be related to chemistry, whether it is a chemical spill, toxic odor or catastrophic fire.


    Learning Chemistry can be essential to your health and safety.


    A sign I have hanging in my room:




    Mrs. Miles:  “Because we will be practicing the thinking and communication skills that you will need toget a job.”

    Regents Chemistry  


    Course Requirements:

    1) A large 3 ring binder (1.5 - 2 inch ). This will contain notes taken in  class, handouts and worksheets given in class. You must have a supply of 3 holed paper in your binder
    2) A non graphing scientific Calculator 
    3) Tests and quizzes as announced.
    4) Full participation in all activities and labs.
    5) According to the NY State Dept. of Science Education, ALL 1200 minutes of laboratory work and submit the corresponding laboratory reports in order to be eligible to take the Regents  Exam. Attendance will be strictly enforced.

    General Class Rules:
    1. Be prompt - You are expected to be to class on time.
    2. Be prepared- You are expected to bring your textbook, notebook, and a pen or pencil to class every class day.  It will be your responsibility to keep all worksheets, notes, test, quizzes and other classroom materials in a well organized manner. There have been studies that show students who are well organized tend to do better in their studies then students who are  not organized.   
    3. Be polite-
      You are expected to treat others, as you would like to be treated. Also remain seated until I dismiss you, even if the bell has rung. I may need to finish saying something important. Eating, drinking, combing hair, putting on makeup or using a cell phone or an iPod/MP3 player are not allowed in the classroom or lab room.
    4. A class is an area of communication, therefore I will listen when you have a comment or question, and I expect you to be equally attentive when I am speaking.
    5. You will be assigned a seat and I would like you to remain in that seat. If the seating arrangement is not satisfactory to you, I hold the final say in where you sit.
    6. I DO NOT give lavatory or locker passes unless there is a documented medical reason to use the lavatory. Come to class prepared.
    7. Field Trips- you make your own choice if you are going or not. You WILL be responsible for all missed work and have the same deadlines as the people who did not go on the field trip. Make sure you have me sign your form before you leave. DO NOT interrupt class to get this done. Before or after class is a good time.

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