• Pioneer's Music Curriculum

    An organized curriculum leads to organized instruction, which empowers students with knowledge.

    Pioneer's music department has designed this curriculum to present an opportunity for all students to develop music citizenship, now and for future generations.

    The following statement is an easy way to remember this concept.

    Organized Curriculum -> Organized Instruction -> Empowering Students = Music Citizenship

    Pioneer's music curriculum has been developed to encompass all skills at all levels. It is based on content not methodology. The curriculum provides a framework to guide developmentally appropriate activities, which coincide with each content area for teachers at their respective levels of instruction.

    The enduring understandings we have in Music are:

    • music is one of the oldest art forms known to man
    • music plays a vital role in all cultures and reflects history
    • music is a human activity inseparable from every day life
    • music is an interactive activity; it does not happen without action
    • music is a process which results in musicing
    • music is an essential and important element of the school curriculum
    • everyone can become a music citizen
    The essential questions that we need to answer are:
    • How do we Music?
    • What makes a musical citizen?
    Definitions of terms as used within our curriculm: Musicing - (used as a verb) is being activly engaged in the two components of music, music making and/or music listening through playing, performing, conducting, listening and/or composing. Music Citizen - is anyone who participates in music in all aspects of music (making and listening) and has an understanding and recognition of the wital role of music education, society and all cultures, now and in the future.

    The overall objectives for students within the music curriculum are to ...

        • create life long participants of music
        • create a desire for all students to learn about and participate in music
        • create a sense of musical citizenship
        • create critical listeners and performers
        • create and understanding and recognition of the vital role of music in education, society and all cultures, now and in the future

    The music curriculum objectives will be accomplished by establishing a culture for learning which allows participants to establish an effective means of communication in reference to music. Particiapnts will come to know that reading, mechanics and skills are essential parts of the process of creating music in school. Further more participants will know that listening is part of the process and an action of music and that sound production is the result of the reaction between all of these.