• Never Let Your Guard Down

    Posted by Amy Shephard on 9/17/2008 12:00:00 PM
    This morning in class we listened to a podcast relating to scene safety and violence.  The situation seemed quite routine when listening to dispatch and approaching the scene with the children on the porch.  However, once entering the scene, the crew seemed to look past the"torn up" kitchen and focused their care immediately on the patient.  Soon after arriving, the call took a significant turn for the worse, and it quickly became apparent that one crew member and several family members were in danger. 
    Please take a minute or two and think about the podcast before answering the following questions:
    What about the podcast affected you the most (i.e. the situation, the story, the aftermath, etc...)
    What is the importance of always having radio communication available to you?
    After listening to the podcast, how would you have handled the situation differently if you were on the crew?
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