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Dear Families:


January has been an exciting month at Arcade Elementary. We started off the New Year right!
As the winter goes on, please note that we will continue to communicate school cancellations, delays and cancellation of after-school activities as we have in the past—news, radio, robocalls, Facebook and the Pioneer website. As you all know, we will encounter winter delays, so please be patient with the busses (they will run a little behind) because they are doing their best to keep our children safe.
It is critical that we have a working updated phone number in the office, as well as three working emergency contacts. We need to be able to reach a live voice in the event of an emergency and out little ones aren’t always able to communicate clearly their needs. We just want to ensure that everyone is safe!
Please note that when there is a two hour delay:

  •        Busses will arrive two hours later than they are normally scheduled
  •         Students may be dropped off following normal procedures at 10:45
  •         The school day will begin at 11:00. The remainder of the day will run normally.
  •         Latchkey will run normal hours opening at 7:00
  •         Cars are still not allowed in the front parking lot



On a positive note, it is time for our Winter Reading Challenge. We will begin on February 1st and it will end on March 20th. Our goal this year is to read 25,000 books! All books are on the reading level of the individual student. All staff, family members and community member books count too! Our culminating activity will be on March 24th. On this date we celebrate reading and invite community readers into our school!


One. More. Thought. All teacher requests for next year are due to the office on March 1st. Requests for specific teachers will not be honored. If you are putting in a request for your child, it must be based on learning style. Requests sent in after March 1st will not be considered.


If you haven’t already…check us out on Facebook. We keep it updated all day long on the great things that are happening in our amazing school. If you haven’t taken a look yet we are named…Arcade Elementary School.  Thanks for sharing your children with us. My door is always open. Stay warm.



Mrs. Devitt


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